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The road to become the best cross chain ecosystem in crypto.
  • Crypto payment processing: 2022 Enable crypto payments between people and business.
  • Bridge affiliate program: 2022 Help us promote the bridge and get rewarded
  • Cross-AMM exchange: 2022 Trade assets between networks, no bridging required.
  • Fiat trade: 2022 Buy crypto assets using fiat in your desired network
  • New bridge directions: FEB-MAY 2022 Harmony (added), Oasis (added) and Terra (added) options will be added to our bridge
  • Mobile App: 2022 Access all EVODEFI's services through a dedicated app
  • Establishing EVODeFi ecosystem, promoting EVODeFi brand: Jan-Dec 2022 We will be heading throughout huge transformation from a startup to a well-known company the whole year. We will arrange PR and marketing events for spreading EVODeFi brand awareness.
  • Terra blockchain added to the bridge - Jan 2022
  • Harmony blockchain added to the bridge - Jan 2022
  • Gnosis blockchain added to the bridge - Jan 2022
  • Oasis blockchain added to the bridge - Feb 2022