Farming NFTs

Boost your APRs up to 100% using our exclusive farming NFTs

At EVODEFI you can boost your farm through a gamified system. A permanent boost is given to those who stake a NFT into the evolution tab and an extra 50% temporary APR is given when a NFT is burned into one specific pool.

To obtain maximum APR boost, you must stake the highest level NFT (Elon) for +50% additional APR and burn the NFTs in a farm/pool to get the remaining +50% additional APR. Example: GEN-BUSD LP farm has 45% Base APR. Depositing Elon NFT in Evolution tab gives you +50% (+22.5% APR). Burning an NFT on GEN-BUSD LP Farm gives you additional +50% (+22.5). So in total, from 45% base APR you get 90% APR! 🔥

The APR will be provided as long as the NFT is staked in the Evolution Tab. There is a time lock of 24 hours. You may withdraw the NFT anytime after the time lock has ended.

You can only deposit one NFT at a time.

To obtain your farming NFT, you can either buy them in the NFT Market or open one of our Loot Boxes. The NFTs have different levels and, according to it, it will give you a specific boost. In order to evolve it, you can burn some GENx into the Evolution Tab or fuse 4 of the same NFTs using the Fusion feature.



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