GENX Loot boxes
Try your luck to win valuable NFTs or GENX in this addicting lottery boxes.
Loot boxes are a funny way to use your GENX and try your luck to find valuable NFTs or obtain even more GENX rewards from your farms. You can choose between 2 different types of boxes - GENX or NFT - and open 1 to 20 boxes in the same transaction.
GENX boxes will potentially reward you with GENX tokens and NFTs, according to the chances below:
Chances to get tokens from 1x GENX loot box:
45% chance β€” 0.1 GEN
21% chance β€” 0.2 GEN
14% chance β€” 0.4 GEN
8% chance β€” 0.9 GEN
5% chance β€” 1.5 GEN
4% chance β€” 3 GEN
3% chance β€” 10 GEN
Chances to get NFT from 1x GENX loot box:
19% chance β€” NFT lvl1
11% chance β€” NFT lvl2
7% chance β€” NFT lvl3
3% chance β€” NFT lvl4
0.9% chance β€” NFT lvl5
0.1% chance β€” NFT lvl6
NFT loot boxes will reward you only with NFTs. They have increased chance to drop higher level ones, compared to GENX loot boxes and the ones that can potentially reward with a lvl 7 NFT. They follow the rates below:
NFT lvl1 β€” 66% NFT lvl2 β€” 15% NFT lvl3 β€” 9% NFT lvl4 β€” 6% NFT lvl5 β€” 3% NFT lvl6 β€” 0.9% NFT lvl7 β€” 0.01%
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