GENX - Deflationary token

GENX is EVODEFI's official farming token. It is supported by a revolutionary elastic burning system, where part of the protocol's revenue is used to perform daily buybacks. While performing them the team grants a strong price floor, protecting holders and farmers from impermanent loss.

Ticker: GENX

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) / Polygon Network (ERC-20)

BSC Contract Address: 0x9AA18A4E73E1016918fA360Eed950D9580C9551d

Polygon Contract Address: 0x3eCdeB8fC5023839B92b0c293D049D61069e02b


You can earn GENX through farms and pools. It's also possible to boost your rewards through exclusive NFTs, that give both permanent and temporary APR increasing effects. As a true cross chain token, you can choose to farm it in Binance Smart Chain or Polygon Chain.

Both sides have a fixed emission rate of 0.07 tokens per block. GENX max supply is capped at 5,000,000 tokens between both chains. Currently, 1,440 GENX are emitted everyday while 5,000 are burned - a true deflationary token.

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